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What is Hill Country Arts Foundation? 

Hill Country Arts Foundation is a center for the visual and performing arts that was established in 1959.  A group of artists established HCAF to enrich, educate and enlighten members of the community through the arts. 

HCAF offers learning experiences in the visual and performing arts for all ages.  Through classes, workshops, exhibitions, camps and stage productions, members of the community come together to learn and develop skills in both the visual and performing arts, as a group or as individuals. 

Hill Country Arts Foundation has been in the community for over 55 years and inspired generations of families across throught the state. United by the love of the Hill Country’s beauty and appreciation of the arts, the foundation is a center for arts education, exhibition and performance—a place where families and individuals of all ages could explore their talents. 


HCAF is a   501 (3) c non-profit organization that depends on HCAF Memberships, grants, volunteers and generosity from members of the community.